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Tower Erection & Reinforcement, Fence Construction & Installation, Charging Station Setup Services, & More Since 1985

Hydrogen Fueling Station
EV Charging Station

EV Charging Station Installation Expert, Nationwide

Lawrence North and David Lowe formed the company in 1982 as Advance Concrete, performing mainly concrete work. The company changed its name to Lowe-North Construction in 1984 during an expansion to specialize in the complete spectrum of telecommunication work. Lowe-North Construction was incorporated in 1987.

Installation Services

We are an experienced commercial general contractor. We do cell tower work such as 5G antenna, lines, and equipment installations. We build electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for cars, trucks, and buses.

Communication Tower Installations and Long Trench Conduit Installation
Doppler Radar Tower

Work with the Government

  • We build hydrogen fueling stations.
  • We work with the U.S. Government (for NOAA/NWS/FAA/DOD/NEXRAD) in constructing weather radar sites, towers, radomes, and antennas.