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Lawrence North and David Lowe formed the Company in 1982 as Advance Concrete performing mainly concrete work.  The Company changed its name to Lowe-North Construction in 1984 during an expansion to specialize in the complete spectrum of telecommunication work.  Lowe-North Construction incorporated in 1987.

Lowe-North Construction, Inc. has extensive experience in site construction and tower erection.  Our specialized background includes installation of telecommunication, broadcasting, radar facilities and associated work.  Lowe-North’s own forces perform the majority of the work required for a turnkey project in order to maintain a high quality of work.  This work includes, but is not limited to:




·      Earth work and road construction

·      Grounding systems

·      Concrete foundations

·      Tower erection

·      Pre-cast shelter placement

·      Construction of equipment


·      Radio equipment cabinet

placement, internal wiring, cabling

& upgrade kit installation

·      AC/DC electrical & telco installation

·      Site assessment & tower mapping

·      Tower reinforcement

·      Monopole tower access port


·     Antenna installation

·     Coaxial cable connection

·     Wave guide installations

·     Sweep testing

·     Radome construction & installation

·     Fence construction

·     Structural steel platform manufacturing & custom fabrication work for telecommunication & broadcast sites

·     Broadcasting equipment cabinet placement, internal power, telco & alarm wiring

·     Microwave Installation

The Company has crews specializing in mobile communication equipment installations.  Lowe-North completed swapping out Lucent brand equipment on over 350 Sprint sites in the LA market.  Other previous work includes additional large programs of performing site and concrete pad improvements.  Nortel and Motorola equipment installations, replacements and/or upgrades, structural steel platform expansion and improvement work and electrical and telco retrofit work.

Lowe-North is actively involved in site and/or tower construction activities throughout the United States for various telecommunication companies.  The list of companies Lowe-North has worked with or is currently working includes, but is not limited to Alamosa, AT&T/Bechtel, Black & Veatch, Cingular, Cricket Communications, Crown Castle, Mactec Engineering, Nextel Communications, Powertel/Pacific 17, SBA Communications, Spectrasite, Lucent Technologies, Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular.

In 2005, Lowe-North began installing broadcasting sites nationwide for Overland Contracting (an affiliate of Black & Veatch Corporation).  Lowe-North continued to build these sites in subsequent phases of the same program and has built 60 sites to date.  The site consist of both tenant finish and new pre-cast shelter sites.  The work includes installing concrete, electrical, fence, ice-bridge, ice shields, GPS antennas, KU satellite dishes, tenant finish work and Rohde & Schwartz broadcasting equipment.  The site locations range from downtown skyscraper rooftop sites to remote and sometimes difficult to access mountaintop sites.

In addition, Lowe-North has an ongoing contract with the U.S. Government for construction of the NEXRAD Doppler weather radar forecasting system.  To date, the Company has constructed more than 90 NEXRAD sites and erected over 165 NEXRAD towers across United States and internationally.  Lowe-North also completed a follow-up program with Powerware for additional NEXRAD site upgrade construction and setting TPMS buildings.  The Company continues to build new NEXRAD and commercial weather radar sites and towers whenever and wherever the U.S. Government, television stations or radio stations have a need.

Call Lowe-North today at (913) 686-3080 for additional information and to find out how Lowe-North can help your Company meet your telecommunication or radar site and tower construction needs.


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